Our School

Creative World Schools are known for the “Wow!” children and families feel (and even say out loud!) as they enter our beautiful buildings. Creative World Centennial is no different. Our state of the art facility has quality, age appropriate classrooms ready for learning and fun for Infants through School Age children. Here are just a few highlights of what our building has to offer.


Unique Exploratorium™

This centerpiece of our building is a fully functional “Wonder Room” with interactive, hands-on educational activities for our Preschool program. Beautiful murals and skylights thirty feet above capture the imagination of parents and children alike. More information about the awesome educational programs offered in the Exploratorium™ is available here.

Dynamic Classrooms

Creative World classrooms are designed thoughtfully and specifically with the age of each child in mind. With the safety of our children at the top of our list, we equip our classrooms with quality child-sized furniture and equipment, windows between rooms, and video monitors. Throughout each classroom, you will find shelves full of age appropriate toys that inspire imagination and education. In our 40+ years of experience in childcare, we have learned a lot about what children need to succeed in these important early years and we make sure our classrooms are ready to meet those needs and exceed expectations.


Our gymnasium is an outlet for all the energy and wiggles of our students! No matter the weather, Creative World kids have the opportunity to be active and continue to develop their gross motor skills. We also offer Enrichment classes in our gym, as well as hold special events.

Large, State of the Art Playgrounds

Our outdoor environments are an important part of our curriculum. Every class has the opportunity to visit our dynamic playground for 30 minutes in the morning and the afternoon. Creative World playgrounds offer children opportunities to exercise and practice important physical activities. We take the time to bring learning outdoors! You may find us painting, building, or sifting sand as part of our daily enrichments.


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To be a part of Creative World School means that you are an intricate part of a child’s life. Our staff has the opportunity to teach, play and love...all while helping set children up for success!


For more information about the opportunities available at our school, contact us at
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Virtual Tour

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Our Management Team

The Creative World Centennial Leadership Team is composed of Director Elaine Strand and Owners Raj and Prachi Sachdeva.


Management Team: Elaine Strand

Elaine Strand, Director at Creative World Centennial Frisco, has been in early childhood education field for over 18 years. She holds both her Director’s License as well as a CDA. Starting out as a teacher’s assistant, Elaine worked her way to become a Director. Elaine has many years of training in all aspects of the childcare field.

As a mother of five wonderful children - two daughters and three sons - Elaine understands the needs of children and their parents. She enjoys her job to the fullest, and gets satisfaction by providing a safe and loving environment where the children can attain their full potential. She is a true believer of the Creative World’s philosophy and that it reflects the needs of each child and the goals of each parent. She truly hopes that you and your family will become a part of the Creative World’s family!

Owners: Raj and Prachi Sachdeva

Owners Raj and Prachi Sachdeva have lived in the Dallas area for over 2 decades and bring strong management and educational experience to the business.

The owners’ background and life-experience makes them well aware of needs of preschoolers, and gives them the tools to deliver a high quality product. Raj has a doctoral degree in Petroleum Engineering from U. of Tulsa and an Executive MBA from SMU. His entire career has been in the oil industry – with the last 18 years in management roles heading various groups. Prachi has a Ph.D. in Probability /Statistics from University of California at Santa Barbara and is currently a Divisional VP managing an Analytics teams at a major health care insurance company. Raj strongly believes in being a non-absentee owner.  Raj has finished coursework for a CDA and for Texas Director's certificate. Although he does not plan to work as a teacher or a Director, this coursework enables him to understand the business better, and, more importantly, helps deliver a superior learning experience.  

The owner’s elder daughter Suchi was born and raised in the Plano area. After graduating from the Plano area schools, she is now at UT Austin. Unfortunately, their younger daughter passed away at age 17 in January 2016. She was final year student at Plano East Senior High and was looking forward to a bright future in one of the many colleges she was admitted to. Ritu will live forever in our hearts and minds.

The Sachdevas wanted to open a preschool that was a thought leader in the industry and offered an environment that was more kid-friendly. After looking at various options, they loved what Creative World has to offer. The world class curriculum based on the latest and proven research, upscale facilities designed with children in mind, quality teaching, teachers who care, and many other factors combine to offer unmatched value. The owners like being part of a small, high-quality franchise where the resources are actually spent on the school rather than on gimmicky marketing materials – and even a brief visit to our school will show this. Prachi has been intimately involved since the project began and serves as a consultant to the management team. Raj can be usually found at the school - please feel free to drop by and say hello.